WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Self-Destructing Message

A few years back WhatsApp introduced a new feature that is related to WhatsApp Status. People share their thought through WhatsApp status. That is visible for 24 hours. Whatsapp changes its features day by day. Here I am sharing WhatsApp Upcoming Feature that will be very useful for you.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp chat application frequently Updating its app also adds the new and exciting feature to the users.

WhatsApp is working on several new and exciting features, some upcoming features are live in Beta version.

Here are the top 5 upcoming features of WhatsApp in 2020

Self-Destructing Message

WhatsApp working on self-destructing features. This upcoming feature is not new, it is already used in applications like telegram and Snapchat.

Self-destructing feature is a very interesting upcoming feature of WhatsApp in this messages automatic delete in a specific period of time, also user can set the time interval for the message to self-destruct.

Dark Mode

The battery is important for every smartphone. Dark mode turn screen in dark to save battery. This feature is already live on the latest android or ios devices. But it is still in testing phase once its development goes in the final stage, this upcoming feature will be available for every android or ios devices.

Hide muted status

Hide muted status will be the next Whatsapp upcoming features. If you mute someone status it still shows on the bottom of the status feed, you can also hide from bottom in WhatsApp upcoming features.

WhatsApp QR Code to “Add Contact” features

WhatsApp working on quickly add contact feature, this upcoming feature is in beta version and only for ios not on android, in this user can share a contact using QR Code.

In this upcoming feature, users can scan the QR Code to save another user contact directly in the phone address book.

Multiple device support

WhatsApp will introduce a new upcoming feature called ‘Registration Notifications’ for multiple device support.

When users try to log in their WhatsApp account on a second device they will receive a message on the original device.

currently, WhatsApp allows only one account per device. With this new feature, users will able to use the same WhatsApp account on more than one device.

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